By: James Lin, GLIDE's Co-Director of Human Resources and Organizational Integration. He arrived at GLIDE just before Thanksgiving in 2004.
In my immigrant family in the 1970’s, Thanksgiving was probably the holiday that was the easiest to understand. My mother, who had lived through the bombing and occupation of her home cities in China during WWII, understood the gratitude of having family together and safe. My father, a Depression baby, appreciated the celebration of abundance that made possible enough food on the table to share with those you love. Only my brother really ever mastered the whole turkey thing, but we got the essentials down, and I could eat canned cranberry sauce year-round.

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“Tell Me What LOVE Is”

151005 Advocacy at City Hall 2014 -- Lillian Mark
By: Lillian Mark, GLIDE program team member since 2004

This year I celebrate 10 years on GLIDE staff not including the 3 semesters I spent here as an intern prior. During my tenure at GLIDE the people in my life and the people I meet have had many questions: Did you always know you wanted to help people? Why would you choose to do this? Why would you choose to work there? What makes you stay? My response to those questions change as I am changed by this place every day.

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Celebrating 75 Years with 75 Hours of Service: Bi-Rite & GLIDE’s “Breading Bread” Dinner

By: Sam Mogannam, Owner, Bi-Rite Family of Businesses

September marked the 75th anniversary of Bi-Rite’s original market in the Mission, which my family has owned for more than 50 years. The anniversary presented us with an important moment to reflect on our history, celebrate our accomplishments, and thank the community that helped us achieve our mission of Creating Community Through Food.

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We Can Do Better…


There is much disturbance in response to a video circulating depicting the SF police handling of Black man with a prosthetic leg. He was behaving in ways that caused potential threat to harming himself and others. To many, the video depicts careless and humiliating treatment of a disabled individual. The images of 14 or more police officers attending to the event fearful of a hostile crowd, brings up images from our country’s racialized history and current events. From the police perspective they followed legal and correct protocol, and while they may believe they acted with much restraint, WE CANNOT ACCEPT THIS APPROACH AS NORMAL POLICE BEHAVIOR as we go forward. We want more for our city.

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Celebrating Chinaka Hodge

By Dori Caminong (Manager, Special Events, Civic and Social Innovation)

Chinaka-Hodge_color1The GLIDE Legacy Gala is one day away! This special evening celebrates the beloved community of social influencers committed to making an impact in San Francisco. We will dance, eat, drink, rejoice and commemorate the visionary leadership of Rev. Cecil Williams and Janice Mirikitani who have tirelessly led the charge creating and cultivating  unconditional love and acceptance throughout San Francisco for over five decades.

GLIDE’s Community Hero Awards Ceremony at the 6th Annual GLIDE Legacy Gala honors individuals who have made an impact on communities with their unique talents, innovative leadership, and passion. This year, the Legacy Award will be given to Chinaka Hodge. Janice Mirikitani shared, “Chinaka is a young leader of tremendous talent, insight and creativity, and she brings to light —  through her spoken word brilliance  — courageous conviction, truth and inspiration.” Cecil Williams added,”She is a beloved member of our GLIDE family providing her powerful voice to our message as she continues to help us affirm that BLACK LIVES MATTER, ALL LIVES MATTER.”

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Celebrating Kristi Yamaguchi

By Amber Zeise, Emerging Leader Intern – Special Events, Civic and Social Innovation

Kristi promoAs this year’s Annual Legacy Gala swiftly approaches, the GLIDE family is taking time to acknowledge and appreciate individuals who have dedicated themselves to improving the lives of others. This special evening celebrates the community by dancing, eating, drinking, and rejoicing! It is a chance for new people to learn about GLIDE and lifetime members to commemorate the work lead by Rev. Cecil Williams and Janice Mirikitani for over 50 years to cultivate change and happiness all over San Francisco.

At the Legacy Gala, the GLIDE Community Hero Award
Ceremony honors people who make a difference in communities with special talents, innovative services, and passion. This year, the Janice Mirikitani Award will be given to Kristi Yamaguchi for her unparalleled determination has lead her to win an Olympic Gold Medal and Dancing with the Stars as well as create her own nonprofit the Always Dream Foundation.  Janice has shared, “Kristi is a model for all women, particularly women of color for her deep courage and commitment to excellence – her spirit shines beautifully and boldly.” Rev. Williams added, “She is a beloved champion inspiring young Americans to dream big no matter what the odds.”

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Celebrating Chip Conley

by Dori Caminong, Manager - Special Events, Civic and Social Innovation

CHIPWe are getting ready for one of San Francisco’s hottest young professional events,  the 6th Annual GLIDE Legacy Gala! An evening filled with music and dance honoring change agents who are dedicated to improving the lives of poor and underserved communities, San Francisco will come out and celebrate a 51-year legacy of love, leadership and community as exemplified through the legendary work of GLIDE’s Co-Founders Rev. Cecil Williams and Janice Mirikitani.

Three innovative individuals will be honored during the GLIDE Community Hero Award Ceremony, and this year’s winner of the Cecil Williams Legacy Award is…  Chip Conley! “Chip formerly served on the GLIDE Board of Trustees, he provided strategic and experienced wisdom. A person of all seasons, Chip reaches deeply into the heart and soul of the human condition,“ shared Janice Mirikitani. Rev. Cecil Williams added, “His leadership is brilliant and bold, courageous and compassionate, and radically inclusive of all cultures. He walks that walk!“

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