Homelessness is a man-made disaster

We San Franciscans are no strangers to tremors. We live in earthquake country. We’ve weathered some major ones, and we continue to prepare for the Big One we all know is coming someday. But let’s ask ourselves: Is the ground not already shaking? Homelessness is a man-made earthquake, a painful and destructive rift in the social contract, and addressing it requires a major relief effort on the part of us all.

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Con Amor Incondicional y Solidaridad


Today, and every day, we stand in solidarity and with love alongside our LGBTQ sisters and brothers. This includes our dear Latina/o/x sisters and brothers who were overwhelmingly represented among the victims at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, site of the latest mass-shooting in this country’s appalling epidemic of gun violence and bigotry.

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Gun (Out Of) Control


The massacre in Orlando has resulted in the country yet again going into its now too common rhetoric of the need for “gun control.” We have developed a patterned, predictable response to these acts of terror and violence. We even now have a definition for mass shootings: “Four or more killed in one incident.” This definition conveniently excludes the many killings that occur in the inner cities of this country on a daily basis—incidents that often claim one, two or three lives—despite the fact that as many as twenty people might be killed in a single weekend. Read more ›

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Come Together


America has blood on its hands yet again.

Make no mistake: Whenever political and religious leaders allow a climate of intolerance to fester, it becomes a breeding ground for violence. Anytime rhetoric demonizes instead of humanizes; promotes hate, not love; and gives tacit approval to injustice instead of remaining vigilant and continuing the pursuit of justice, the fear of difference is fostered and community is fractured. Read more ›

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You Are Our FAMILY


We share solidarity, grief and love with the victims, friends and families of the Orlando shootings at the Pulse nightclub. In this PRIDE month, when we will celebrate the love of our LGBTQ family, we know well that the targeting of a gay club was not incidental. Read more ›

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Cecil Williams Fund for the Hungry Campaign


Could you survive on $789 per month in San Francisco?

On average, that’s what 70% of GLIDE’s Meals program participants must attempt to do. They come to GLIDE to eat because they simply can’t afford to buy, store or prepare their own food.

That’s why Rev. Cecil Williams started GLIDE’s annual Fund for the Hungry campaign many years ago—to raise awareness and funds to feed all those whose incomes don’t stretch far enough and whose circumstances don’t allow for daily essentials. Read more ›

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Vote YES on Propositions C and D


Vote YES on Prop C for Affordable Housing!

On June 7, bring a friend, or two or three, to vote YES on Prop C for affordable housing!

If passed, Proposition C would allow San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors to change affordable housing requirements for new housing projects, initially by doubling the current on-site affordable housing requirement from 12 to 25 percent. This would result in hundreds of new affordable units for low- and middle-income residents of San Francisco. Read more ›

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Everyone can play! Thanks to the parents and their awesome kids for a lovely afternoon. Healthy rooftop lunch! Fun on the roof at FYCC! It's a fun and ACTIVE summer for our kids at FYCC! Last Thursday, we hosted the parents of our students ages 0-5 for Rooftop Playtime and healthy summer lunch.

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