Check-in with Rita: What I’m Thankful For


At GLIDE, we are thankful for the community we create and nurture here. We are especially grateful for our GLIDE community as our nation’s political and social landscape is rapidly changing after the recent election. This week we sat down with our Executive Director Rita Shimmin to discuss renewed commitment to our community as we enter the bustling holiday season. This post marks the first in our “Check-in” series with Rita, who delivers perspective and a sense of grounding during times of transition.

What is the meaning of community at GLIDE?

We invite everyone to join us in community at GLIDE. We want to make room for everyone to feel safe and that they belong. All voices and differences are welcomed and needed. We are mobilizing our community to care for each other, without exception.

What is the importance of community at GLIDE, especially now? 

I think of GLIDE as good news, good news for our community. The election and post-election period has been very disturbing to a lot people. Many people in our vulnerable and marginalized communities have felt wounded, disappointed, and are afraid. In the past couple of weeks, I have been with many different groups of people. It has been important for these groups to share their feelings and share their ideas. Gathering together helps people hold their pain and disappointment in positive ways, or at least in ways that help them to keep moving through their pain. Sharing keeps them from getting stuck in isolation, or stuck in feelings of fear, anxiety or anger. It is especially important for people to have places to come during the holidays, where they can be together in a physical space, to feel like they belong and are loved.

At GLIDE, during the holidays, there are many opportunities for people to be together. There are several holiday meals and many special events. There are Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and Celebrations, Prime Rib dinner, Sikh Luncheon, Senior Luncheon, Holiday Gala, Grocery Bag Giveaway, Toy Bag Giveaway, Women’s Holiday Party, to name a few!

I invite everyone to join us at GLIDE during the holidays and throughout the year. Come and learn about others and share yourself. It is good to witness and be witnessed in our sorrows and in our joys. I hope to see many people join us so we can make new friends.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!





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Props to Love!


A report back on key state and local propositions in November 2016

The last week-and-a-half has left us wondering about our nation’s future. Many of us are feeling loss, anger and fear. Protests and demonstrations are giving voice to genuine grief and outrage. And these feelings emanate from something even deeper: our love.

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Meet Melina: Empowerment through Education


If you are looking for Melina, chances are you will find her encouraging and supporting others who are in need. But it was not that long ago that Melina herself needed a helping hand. She found herself in San Francisco with no money and no one to turn to. After spending over a month on the street, enduring sleepless night after sleepless night and walking the City streets to keep safe, Melina was picked up by the San Francisco Homeless Outreach Team, who took her to a women’s center.

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Why I’m voting YES on 62 and NO on 66


Editors’ Note: This week’s post, the final installment in our pre-election #PropDropFriday series, addresses the morally bereft system of capital punishment. Californians have before them two propositions concerning the death penalty, only one of which calls for its outright abolition, a choice that GLIDE endorses. As anti-death-row activist Glen Wu argues persuasively below, capital punishment is administered in ways that are inherently racist, classist and unfair. Moreover, state-sanctioned murder is fundamentally at odds with the core of GLIDE’s mission and values, which emphasize empowerment, recovery and personal transformation. At GLIDE, we believe in a more just, loving and inclusive community; sentencing people to death strips away any potential for redemption or reconciliation from all people involved—the convicted, the victims and the arbiters of the justice system. On November 8, Please join Gwen Wu and GLIDE in voting YES on Prop 62 and NO on Prop 66.

Prop 62 will finally end California’s flawed death penalty system by converting all death sentences to life sentences without the possibility of parole. Prop 66 purports to fix the system by speeding up executions but is nothing more than twenty-four carat fool’s gold.

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Why I Am Voting YES on PROP V


Editors’ note: As a social justice organization, GLIDE supports Proposition V, which would add a one-cent-per-ounce tax on beverages with added sugar to help reduce the health problems, such as diabetes, brought on by consuming too much sugar. We view this proposition as a social justice issue, as soda companies have historically targeted low-income communities, particularly communities of color, to advertise their products even though these companies are aware of the health risks brought on by excess consumption of sugar. Indeed, African American and Latino communities have a higher rate of unhealthy weight gain and obesity than white communities, and together account for nearly twice as many Americans with Type 2 diabetes. In their massive campaign against Prop V, soda companies call Prop V a “grocery tax,” a misleading term insinuating that prices will be increased on all groceries when in fact only beverages with added sugar will be taxed by the local government.

The following perspective on Prop V comes from Jan Schilling, founder of Weigh of Life—a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for East Bay families to enjoy improving their health through exercise classes, nutrition education and social support—and a proud member of GLIDE’s congregation.

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Standing Rock Sioux to attend GLIDE Celebration, 10/30


Since April of this year there has been a protest against the $3.8 Billion Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL, a company based in Texas), a major construction project near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. The project is a 1,168-mile-long crude-oil pipeline that will transport 570,000 barrels of oil each day from North Dakota to Illinois, along a route just half a mile from the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

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Vote NO on Props P and U: Housing Is a Human Right


Editors’ note: P and U are two of the more potentially misleading propositions that San Francisco residents will find on the November ballot. And P & U concern one of the most important issues facing residents of this city: affordable housing. P & U have been put forward by the Realtors Association with a promise of “more housing for more people,” but in fact neither proposition will create any new housing at all. Instead, Prop U increases the number of middle-income earners (up to 110% of the area’s median income) who can apply for inclusionary rental units (that is, housing units required by law to be offered at below the market rate). This would do away with the 12% of new housing that is currently set aside for people earning $39,000 a year or less, leaving them with nowhere to live. Prop P, meanwhile, opens up the bidding process on affordable housing projects to potentially substandard developers interested in taking advantage of the rental increases allowed by Prop U, and arguably would result in many affordable housing projects not going forward. Access to housing is a social justice issue. Anyone interested in securing affordable housing for all San Franciscans, and in seeing San Francisco grow as a diverse and inclusive city, should pay close attention to the details of P & U.

On October 5, a coalition of local faith leaders, nonprofits and residents held a rally outside the offices of the San Francisco Realtors Association, not far from City Hall. Below, we print a letter written by these faith leaders that was recently submitted to the San Francisco Chronicle.  

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