Vote YES on Propositions C and D


Vote YES on Prop C for Affordable Housing!

On June 7, bring a friend, or two or three, to vote YES on Prop C for affordable housing!

If passed, Proposition C would allow San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors to change affordable housing requirements for new housing projects, initially by doubling the current on-site affordable housing requirement from 12 to 25 percent. This would result in hundreds of new affordable units for low- and middle-income residents of San Francisco. Read more ›

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SPRINGLICIOUS…Don’t call it a Drag Show! It’s a Cabaret


Yes friends, the alumni of Springlicious are back with Springlicious 6: The Transformation. On June 4, the cast will kick off a brand new show format by transforming a new cast of Kings, Queens, Faux Guys and Faux Dolls in a cabaret style show. The event will be held by this year’s sponsor, Balançoire, from 6pm-9:30pm. Read more ›

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As Mother to Two


Heather Knight’s recent San Francisco Chronicle article “Talking to Children about Homeless” is well-done, and I thoroughly agree with the article’s two messages to keep it simple with your children and to model compassion.  As a mother raising two elementary school-aged children in San Francisco, the topic of homelessness comes up regularly whether we are we are driving to school, walking through our neighborhood, or shopping downtown. Read more ›

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Poetry Makes a Difference


poetry picture
Thirteen women. Different backgrounds. Different outlooks. Different lifestyles. But all in the same room, writing. Writing to tell a story. Through symbolism, art and passion came poems.

Read more ›

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GLIDE Harm Reduction Volunteering


I began working in the Tenderloin two years ago when I started at Zendesk. Walking to work, I would often see used needles discarded in forgotten nooks or occasionally a person shooting up in between cars or in a back alley. I have a background in public health, and for me these sightings are not only shocking and despairing but also represent a greater public health issue for our community. Conceptually, I understand that sharing of syringes – a common practice for injection drug users – increases the spread of infectious disease such as HIV and Hepatitis C. This has greater negative social and economic impacts on our neighborhood. Even knowing this, however, I struggle with the problem of how I personally can be of help. Read more ›

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Angela Coleman, Case Manager at the GLIDE Walk-In Center, newest appointee to San Francisco’s Reentry Council and Poet.

Angela Coleman, Case Manager at the GLIDE Walk-In Center, has a lot to celebrate. As the newest appointee to the San Francisco Reentry Council, Angela looks forward to helping formerly incarcerated people reach their potential as they readjust to life outside prison. “The appointment to the Reentry Council is a very humbling opportunity and I am grateful to have been chosen for this seat. I have worked in some capacity of Reentry since 2004 as a resident in Walden House,” she said. Read more ›

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GLIDE Partners with Adaptive Path and Roonga to Launch the GLIDE Goods Store

By Jake Bodden, Marketing and Communications Director, GLIDE

In April, GLIDE unveiled a prototype of GLIDE Goods, a no-cost store offering everyday necessities to those in need while informally engaging individuals and families who might benefit from other GLIDE programs. Set inside Freedom Hall in GLIDE’s 330 Ellis Street building, and due to open permanently in May, GLIDE Goods has emerged from a productive partnership with the community-focused, mission-driven design group Adaptive Path ( Read more ›

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GLIDE Instagram
And of course Kristen's daughters were there, playing with the balloons! @doricamino Presenting Kristen with a Certificate of Honor from the City of SF for her dedication to the #Tenderloin. @doricamino  @chanstreetscooper FYCC came to say goodbye too! Jan thanking Kristen for her strength and for being the "wind beneath our wings."

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