Growing with GLIDE

Jonathan Fennell has worked at GLIDE for over 17 years, and seen a lot of changes during his time here. As San Francisco celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love, members of GLIDE staff are reflecting on how the Church and Foundation have evolved over time. We were thrilled to catch up with Jonathan after the lunch shift one day to hear his thoughts. Many thanks to Jonathan, a dedicated employee and integral member of the GLIDE family, for taking the time to talk about his life experiences and the values he shares with GLIDE!

I have been at GLIDE for 17 years. I came here in 2004. I was on GA [General Assistance], and I knew about GLIDE because my dad used to work here. My dad was here for 10 years way back, when it first started. He was a right-hand man. He did accounting. In fact I met Cecil when I was eight or nine. I really didn’t know much about GLIDE, so one day I decided to come and volunteer. I was here for four days, just volunteering. They asked if I wanted a job and I have been here ever since.

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In Loving Memory of Joyce Hayes, the “heartbeat” of GLIDE’s FYCC

On May 23, 2017, an irreplaceable member of the GLIDE family and essential figure in our organization’s history passed away. Joyce Hayes first came to GLIDE in 1971 as a church member, and quickly became instrumental in developing our early children’s programs, which later became the Janice Mirikitani Family, Youth, and Childcare Center in 1991. While at GLIDE, Joyce served in many roles from resident writer, to Youth Program Director, to foster mother for more than 87 children from the community.

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“You all ready to fight?”

Reverend Harry Williams talks about the Nation, our City, and Low-Income Housing

On April 27, Reverend Harry Williams, representing GLIDE Memorial Church and the Tenderloin, addressed a rally on the steps of City Hall. The rally, which started at the Federal Building and numbered several hundred people, was there to urge the planning commission to recommend against halving the 12% of new housing that is currently dedicated to low-income families and individuals. This is a mandate from the people of San Francisco, as a super-majority of voters turned out in elections last year to support more affordable housing across the income spectrum.

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“The Work Is Resistance”

A conversation about Standing Rock, solidarity, and faith with GLIDE Seminary Intern Todd Whitley

How has Standing Rock figured in your time here at GLIDE?

The first time I preached at GLIDE I spoke about Standing Rock. I was scheduled to preach on the first day of Advent in 2016. The sermon was based on that verse that says, “To whom much is given, much will be required.” I used that verse as a way to talk about privilege—whether that’s white privilege or male privilege or cis-gender privilege — and leveraging it for groups with less privilege.

The Gender Summit that I am helping to coordinate for the weekend of May 5 — 7 is one of those ways of leveraging privilege. Part of the reason for the summit is to help people be allies. A lot of people just don’t know what to ask. And they are afraid to ask, or they don’t know who to ask, so they won’t do anything because they don’t want to offend anybody. That’s the last thing that they want to do. We want to tell people, “Here’s what you need to know, in a place where it’s safe to ask questions.” If you can’t do that at GLIDE, where can you do it?

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Good Friday— Unfiltered

Today is a day of days- it’s Friday! For some, Friday marks the end of the work week- an opportunity to pause from the intense demands of work and recharge. For others, Friday is only the beginning of intense life demands. For some, Friday marks the end of the school week- a time to absorb lessons learned and get reenergized for the next week. For others, Friday is only the beginning of lessons to be learned.

These are momentous moments. And today is no ordinary Friday- it’s Good Friday.

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Eye on the Ball: Together, we can make California a Sanctuary State!

Welcome to another edition of Eye on the Ball, where we share what’s going on and how you can join us—in a movement for justice, for the health and wellbeing of our communities, and for an equitable and inviting world for all.

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“Deciding to Have Joy is an Act of Resistance”: Women’s History Month at GLIDE, Part 2

We are proud to share this second installment of reflections in our Women’s History Month series honoring women’s roles in resisting oppression and advancing social justice. GLIDE remains deeply committed to the struggle for gender equality. In the current national climate, it is more crucial than ever that we resist and repel the misogynist forces arrayed against us, and that we unconditionally stand with the women and LGBTQI people who are put at risk under the dangerous policies of the current administration.   

This month, people from across GLIDE’s community are responding to the following question: “When you think of the role of women in the advancement of social justice and resistance to oppression, who comes to mind as an inspiration?”

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