Let Your Light Shine: transcript of Bishop Karen Oliveto’s final sermon as GLIDE’s Senior Pastor

From Rita Shimmin, GLIDE Executive Director: On August 14, 2016, newly elected Bishop Karen Oliveto gave her farewell sermon at GLIDE (see below). After the Sunday Celebration, we gathered to give the new Bishop a farewell party. Both her sermon and the party were filled with much joy and inspiration but also an underlying grieving as we lose our beloved Karen to a calling to serve in a new place. We are grateful for the joy and love she leaves in our hearts and celebrate her as she lets her light shine within a new community.


Left to right: GLIDE Coordinator of Congregational Engagement Carson Perez, GLIDE Ensemble member Michelle Arce, Bishop Karen Oliveto and GLIDE congregants Howard Sanders Jr. and LeRon Barton.

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Women in Leadership: An open note to young women


Neha Jain, far right, with GLIDE Emerging Leaders interns volunteering at our Legacy Gala on 8/13.

Anger. Fear. Disbelief. Those are emotions I feel while gauging the current political climate. We live in a world where Hillary Clinton, a woman who has made mistakes and flip-flopped on critical social issues, may lose to a man who horrendously disrespects women, people of color, Muslims and the LGBTQ community. While I agree that both candidates are not our ideal presidential choices, is it really that hard to see which option is better? But regardless of your political leanings, it’s pretty obvious that if Clinton were a man, her path to the White House would be exponentially easier. I’m tired of hearing her being critiqued on her appearance, tone of voice and hairstyle because the main message it gives young women like myself is that if we want to be powerful one day, we must be perfect.

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Meet Brian Wang and Epidemic Ales!

GLIDE sends a huge shout out to the Epidemic Ales family for participating as a Food and Beverage Sponsor of this year’s 7th Annual GLIDE Legacy Gala. We’re so excited to highlight their support, especially since one of their co-founders, Brian Wang, is also the Controller in GLIDE’s Finance Department!

Brian shares his GLIDE story below and answers our #topthree burning questions!


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Meet Hilton San Francisco Union Square

Shout out to our neighbor, Hilton San Francisco Union Square! GLIDE is proud to feature Cityscape at the Hilton as one of our Food and Beverage Sponsors at the 7th Annual GLIDE Legacy Gala on Saturday, August 13, 2016. Jo Licata, Community Projects Manager of Hilton San Francisco Union Square, shares their GLIDE story as she answers our top burning question.


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Lessons Learned: Notes from a GLIDE Emerging Leaders Intern

  1. Transformation

Looking back, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.  After reading the job description of interning at our placements 25 hours a week and coming together on Fridays for reflection, I thought to myself, “I can definitely do this.” After 8 weeks of interning here, I would have given my answer a little bit more thought. At GLIDE, we work and get the work done. We serve meals, give out TB tests, facilitate the Women’s Center, listen to residents’ needs and much more.


Korika Wright (Lead Case Manager), Tammy Tang (Emerging Leaders Intern), Christine Sanchez-Tarrant (Intern)

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Meet Aventine

Shout out to the Taverna Aventine team! GLIDE is proud to feature Aventine as one of our Food and Beverage Sponsors at the 7th Annual GLIDE Legacy Gala on Saturday, August 13, 2016. Rodrigo Nevado, Aventine Partner and Events Director, shares his GLIDE story as he answers our #toptwo burning questions.


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A Place of Acceptance: Notes from a GLIDE Emerging Leaders Intern

In the months leading up to my summer internship at GLIDE, it seemed that everyone I spoke to knew what type of experience I would have. My teachers, my family, my friends – anyone who knew of GLIDE would say things like, “Life-changing experience,” “Eye-opening,” “Unbelievably loving and accepting atmosphere.” Maybe it was a natural youthful skepticism. Maybe it was doubt from the recent spread of global violence and sadness, and its pervasive accompanying rhetoric. Maybe it was my very own degree of detachment from and fear of these forces. I didn’t believe what everyone seemed to tell me. I had few doubts of the meaningful, needed programs offered by GLIDE, but I had trouble imagining such a community of radical love, acceptance and strength.


Some of our wonderful interns in our Emerging Leaders program this summer! Jake Calthorpe is second from the right in the back row. 

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