Send a Shout Out and Connect in the New Year!

GLIDE Founders Janice and Cecil are challenging you to use Facebook to bring us closer together as a community and inspire social change in 2011. Check it out:

Now you can send a GLIDE Shout Out to your Facebook friends to celebrate love, friendship and compassion in the New Year! Click on the link above to:

1. Select a Shout Out of Change, Love, Hope or Joy:

2. Select a Friend and Write a Message:

3. Preview

4. Post on a Friend’s Facebook Wall!

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Rev. Cecil regained some of his vocal strength by the end of Celebration today. ❤️ Hallelujah! #radical #unconditionallove #raiseyourvoice "You are worthy. You are equal. You are powerful. And I will not stop loving you."--Janice preaching today, on meeting Cecil. They have been loving each other, and sharing that love with the world, for 53 years. Celebrating Rev. Cecil! #sundaycelebration #radical #GLIDEensemble Celebrating Rev. Cecil this weekend! Join us today for celebration NOW and at 11:00 am! Stay afterwards for cake and company!

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