A Mother’s Day Message

by Rita Shimmin, co-Executive Director

Many of our GLIDE program participants are youth and their families; families that are led by single parents, a father or mother, or grandparent or other guardian; families that are led by 2 parents, a mom and dad, or 2 moms or two dads. However, at this time of year when we are honoring mothers, I think about our many GLIDE program participants that are single adults. Each one we serve is someone’s son or daughter. They may be separated from their mother by some external or internal struggle. Their mother may be dead. Their mother may be home worrying and wondering where they are. But these grown sons and daughters that we serve are alone; alone on Mothers’ day.

I am so glad that we are here at GLIDE to provide a meal, like a mother might, to provide a place for these sons and daughters to sit together, as their family might, to provide some love and guidance in our Walk-In Center and Sunday Celebrations, or some relief from pain in our Clinic, like a mother might do. We are a family here at GLIDE. I am glad we are here for them when their mother may not be able to be.

So during this time when we honor mothers, please take the time to look around; if you feel yourself feeling isolated or alone, or you see someone else feeling isolated and alone, reach out and be generous with your love and caring; ask for the help you need, or give someone the help they need.

A very special honoring to all mothers; those still with us and those who have gone on, who have done the best they can to love like only a mother can love!

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One comment on “A Mother’s Day Message
  1. Janet Thomas says:

    Thank you for helping me to keep it in perspective as I deal with my Mom’s Alzheimer’s. Peace and grace to the Glide family!

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