2 comments on “GLIDE: A Champion Non-Profit
  1. Anastacia Casperson & Daniel Williams says:

    I am writing out of concern because I am on the verge of being homeless with my disabled significant other. We have recieved a 3 day notice from the landlord here in regards to our rent and it not being paid. When the money was offered they would not accept it, but here we are now being served a 3 day notice. Dont know what to do, can you assist us in any kind of way.

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GLIDE Instagram
#BirdDrop2016 ain't over yet! GLIDE is in need of turkey donations so that we can serve up a proper holiday feast. Leave your birds at the front desk of 330 Ellis...Bobby will take it from there! THANK YOU! ❤️🍗🎄 Mission accomplished! Thank you @oldnavy for giving our kids this awesome shopping spree. #Gratitude #GLIDEholidays #bethelight @bewhatspossible There's a LOT of cuteness happening here! Thank you @oldnavy 🎄❤️👖👕👚🎁🛍!! @bewhatspossible More holiday shopping with FYCC. #Gratitude @oldnavy for giving this experience to our FYCC kids each year. 🎁🎄👖👕👚❤️

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