Beauty from the Heart

by Joyce Sood, Communications Manager

Last week, Galleria Hair Design salon hosted its 3rd Annual “Day of Beauty” for the participants of GLIDE’s Women’s Center Moving Beyond Survival (MBS) Program. The women received haircuts, dyes, conditioning, styling and facials from a team of talented stylists as part of their journey towards self-love and healing.

GLIDE Women's Center Moving Beyond Survival Program Participants at Galleria Hair Design Salon

Moving Beyond Survival is a series of 6-week support groups for women survivors of domestic violence. These women have consistently participated in the Center’s drop-in support groups, and are ready to take a closer look at personal histories to get to the root of risky behavioral patterns.

The “Day of Beauty” came at the completion of one MBS’s three phases.  A graduation is also held at the end of the 3rd phase, giving the women the opportunity to share their personal stories of transformation with the community during a Sunday Celebration.

GLIDE Church Member Elliott Eaton first brought the idea of a “Day of Beauty” to GLIDE Women’s Center three years ago. Elliott was inspired by the work the women were doing, and wanted to treat them to a well-deserved day of pampering. He shared his vision with Women’s Center Program Manager Zwazzi Sowo as well as friend and GLIDE Ensemble Member Erran Andrews, stylist at Galleria Hair Design. Erran loved the idea and presented it to the salon’s owner, Eric Hooten.

“I’ve owned the salon for 23 years, and really wanted to give back,” says Eric. “I come from a history of alcoholism and violence, and GLIDE’s program really resonated with me. Having the women in the space was such a positive experience. It was beauty from the heart.”

GLIDE Women’s Center Domestic Violence Specialist Talilah Douglas, shares “it’s such a gift to see the women experience pampering from men with such love, attention, care and affection. More often than not, men are the biggest contributors to trauma and abuse towards women… so having the women pampered by men teaches them how they should be treated.” She adds, “Elliot, Erran, Rick and the team they put together have no idea of the wounds they are healing. I am so excited to be a part of their vision each and every time!”

“It was an overwhelming experience,” says Moving Beyond Survival participant Aura of the ‘Day of Beauty.’ “I looked at pictures from last year, and saw how far I’ve come. I used to be standoff-ish, and less trusting. I’ve now learned the meaning of unconditional love.”

“Even though my situation has not completely changed, I have.”

Read a blog post about the “Day of Beauty” from Billy Priest, stylist at Galleria Hair Design.

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One comment on “Beauty from the Heart
  1. Kim Major says:

    What a brilliant idea! As an old chum of Elliott (aka Scooter!) Eaton it does not surprise me a bit that this was his idea. Gone but not forgotten…thank you Elliott. Bless.

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