A “do-good” Place

by Dr. Karen Oliveto, Pastor

We at GLIDE are grateful for the many volunteers we get from corporations, schools, and churches.  Did you know we need 20 volunteers for each mealtime?  Without the volunteer hours, we would not be able to provide the number of meals we serve each day to those who are hungry.

I ran into an activist friend of mine who told me that his son recently came with his class to serve at GLIDE.  They also stayed for Celebration. When they left, the students had quite a Facebook conversation about their experience.

Most of the students were bowled over by all that GLIDE provides. They were moved as they encountered faces that weren’t too different from their own, seeking meals and other GLIDE services. This connection was deepened at Celebration. Many remarked onFacebook how GLIDE was what every church ought to be.

Except for one student, who remarked, “This isn’t a church, this is only a do-good place.” One student rose to defend GLIDE:

THIS place doesn’t preach to increase their personal wealth…
THIS place helps and serves…
THIS place spreads love not hate…

If a church isn’t a “do-good place”, then it cannot really be a church. Because at the core of being a church is a commitment to feed the hungry, give water to those who thirst, visit the sick and those in prison, to welcome the stranger (Matthew 25:35-36). It means to “do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God” (Micah 6:8).  These spiritual values are foundational to what GLIDE is and does.

We are that church that is a “do good” place.  Thanks be to God!

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Rev. Cecil regained some of his vocal strength by the end of Celebration today. ❤️ Hallelujah! #radical #unconditionallove #raiseyourvoice "You are worthy. You are equal. You are powerful. And I will not stop loving you."--Janice preaching today, on meeting Cecil. They have been loving each other, and sharing that love with the world, for 53 years. Celebrating Rev. Cecil! #sundaycelebration #radical #GLIDEensemble Celebrating Rev. Cecil this weekend! Join us today for celebration NOW and at 11:00 am! Stay afterwards for cake and company!

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