GLIDE Gets into Gear for Bike to Work Day!

To celebrate Bike to Work Day, we caught up with a few GLIDE staff members, who are also bicyclists, to find out what they love most about experiencing the world from two wheels.

Paul Chilvers, FYCC Lead Teacher Grades 3-5 (left) and Charity Denlinger, FYCC Administrative Coordinator (right)

Paul: Every day is bike to work day for me. I love my bike, and the freedom and exercise it brings me. My world is a larger one because I feel like I can get anywhere. Sometimes, I head down Market Street to lie on the grass by the Ferry Building for lunch. The feeling of Gliding (pun intended) through the world makes me so happy.  It also makes me feel safe, empowered, and more a part of the city.  If I want to stop on my way home to enjoy a street performance by an artist or band, or just get a slice of pizza, I know I can without having to worry about getting off of the bus or parking.

Charity: “Why do you wear your sock like that?” “I like those blinky lights!” “Do you ride bike everywhere?” I love the questions I get from our FYCC After School Program kids when they see me with my bike every day. And what is it about biking to work (and to the bank, grocery store, and beach . . .) that makes me feel like I’m 8 years old? There’s the pure delight of powering my ride up and down San Francisco’s hills. There’s the fact that I’m making a smart choice for the environment and for the earth. And there’s being part of a community larger than myself – whether I’m one of twenty in a pack catching the green lights on Market Street or browsing the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition newsletter, an organization over 12,000 members strong!

Morgan Velarde, Development Associate (left)  and Clarissa Mendiola, Donor Cultivation & Communications Coordinator (right)

Morgan: I love bicycling because it’s a great way to add exercise to my daily routine and do my part in decreasing my carbon footprint.

Clarissa: Bicycling is such a lovely way to see San Francisco, get your heart beating, feel the sun and breeze, and be part of a community that cares about the earth. I love riding through Golden Gate Park at night, nothing but the moon and the sound of my wheels turning on the wide-open streets!

Terry Zukoski, Facilities Director

Terry: I love riding my bike to Downtown Berkeley from my house. I just built a single speed bike from an old Schwinn which is my new love (pictured above), and before that, my old standby was a vintage Bridgestone MB-3.  Riding early in the morning warms me up and then I am ready for my day.  It always seems to me that the world is a much more interesting and beautiful place from the seat of a bike or walking  than seeing it whiz by from a car.

Ryan Shipley, GA Workfare Coordinator

Ryan: Biking is such a great alternative to driving a car. It’s so convenient and I love getting the exercise.

Kristen Growney Yamamoto, Co-Executive Director

Kristen: I love the fresh air and being able to see the City a bit closer.

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