GLIDE Dads Share Their Love

by Clarissa Mendiola

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we’d like to give a SHOUT OUT to all the dads in the GLIDE Family. Thank you for your unconditional love, and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

Mark N., Dad and Cecil Williams Community House resident

Being a father is the most important role of Mark’s life, “I wanted kids for many years and God blessed me with three at one time.” When it became clear that Mark would have to raise his triplets on his own, he knew he had to reach out for help. “It took me a long time to pull my head out of the sand and say, I need help.”

With the support of a case manager, Mark was able to secure permanent housing at the Cecil Williams Community House (CW House). During the first week in his new home with his triplets, other CW House residents came forward to meet his family, welcoming them into their community. It was then that he realized CW House was something special, “Of all the places I’ve lived in my life, I feel like this is a great community to raise kids in. GLIDE works miracles.”

Now that Mark has the support he needs and a safe place to raise his children, the future looks bright. Once a successful real estate broker, Mark’s experience as a father has opened his heart to his true passion. “I love working with kids. I think being a teacher is my calling.”

Paul Harkin, Dad and GLIDE Health Services, HIV Prevention Services Manager

Paul Harkin, GLIDE’s HIV Prevention Services Manager, joined the GLIDE family in 2010, drawn by GLIDE’s commitment to underserved and marginalized communities. “I truly believe GLIDE is the perfect place for me to work. We are all doing amazing things here, and HIV prevention is just one part of everything we do.”

As HIV Prevention Services Manager, Paul leads GLIDE’s HIV Counseling, Testing, and Linkages to other services. As a father, Paul sees a clear connection between parenthood and his role at GLIDE. “As with community, so with family, I understand the importance of open mindedness, support, guidance, leading by example, and of course, what it means to unconditionally love your child and your community.”

Paul constantly strives to improve the world in which he lives, starting with leading by example for his daughter, Annabella. “I hope that my daughter learns the importance and the power of love in this world, I want her to have an inquiring mind and grow up questioning every ‘wrong’ she encounters. And I hope that she has the infinite compassion that GLIDE strives for.”

John Powell, Dad and GLIDE Security Monitor Supervisor

John Powell came to GLIDE through a drug recovery program 17 years ago. Today, as a GLIDE Security Supervisor, John has thrived, both professionally, and as a father to his three children. “GLIDE has made me a better person, period.”

As a Security Supervisor and first point of contact for many GLIDE program participants, John has embraced a sense of leadership and responsibility to the community we serve, “Meeting people who are struggling with the same things that I have inspires me to stay clean and be a better person.”

With a grown son and two young daughters, John’s kids have grown up at GLIDE. His two girls, one entering Kindergarten and the other entering Third Grade this Fall, participate in GLIDE’s Family Youth and Childcare (FYCC) programming. John’s daughters are flourishing with GLIDE’s support and the love from their father. John’s 5-year old enjoys singing and performing for her family and friends. His 8-year old would like to be a police woman, “I think it’s because she sees what I do at GLIDE. My only wish for my girls is that they achieve their dreams.”

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