GLIDE Volunteer – Regaining Confidence

by Jason Quesada, UBM TechWeb

Jason Quesada, UBM TechWeb

This October, a group of employees from UBM, a global live media and B2B communications, marketing service and data firm, visited GLIDE for a day of immersion and service. Jason Quesada, Digital Media Marketing Manager at UBM TechWeb, shares his experience with us in today’s blog!

I recently had the opportunity to visit and experience GLIDE. I met with members of the Executive Team, their hard working staff, as well as members of the GLIDE community. I was given a job by one of the team members, which was “Be Affected.” During my visit, I met Jackie who told her story of substance abuse and how GLIDE helped her overcome her problems by never turning their back on her. She was always welcomed back to their home.

Jackie was the person whom I connected with and led me to the light. As soon as she mentioned the words “self-doubt and not knowing her own self-worth” during her story, it struck a chord with me.

Jackie, GLIDE Recovery Program Graduate and Community Member

Growing up in New Jersey, I was never able to experience life my own way. My father, who was trying to do the best for me, always told me what to do and how to do it. I never had the opportunity to try things how I saw fit and because of that I became an introvert, scared and never really believed in myself. Since I left New Jersey and moved to California, I’ve been trying to like myself again, regain my confidence and trust my own way – a phrase James Lin, GLIDE’s Human Resources and Organizational Integration Co-Director, said in a conversation I had with him during my visit. I will never ever forget that statement.

GLIDE is in the center of the Tenderloin, an area that needs help and support. The community that it is trying to create and serve is being built from within. We, as people, have the opportunity to shine from within, accept ourselves, accept others and share our thoughts and experiences with each other. That, I believe, is how a community is formed and maintained for greatness.

Volunteers help build community at GLIDE

I’d like to thank GLIDE for providing me with this great experience.

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2 comments on “GLIDE Volunteer – Regaining Confidence
  1. Jacqueline Freeman says:

    deepest compliments Jason! thanks for your mention of me in your blog! keep up the awesome work!

  2. Jacqueline Freeman says:

    jason i am so proud of you for your courage to open up and share about your life! You are a miracle in the making!

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