GLIDE Ops: Serving Behind the Scenes

Eleanor Godfrey (Center), Evaluation and Institutional Grants Coordinator, with GLIDE Security Monitors at the 2012 GLIDE Annual Holiday Festival

Eleanor Godfrey (Center), Evaluation and Institutional Grants Coordinator, with GLIDE Security Monitors at the 2012 GLIDE Annual Holiday Festival

We continue our GLIDE Ops series and get to know Eleanor Godfrey, Evaluation and Institutional Grants Coordinator.

It takes a lot of dedicated, passionate people committed to GLIDE’s mission to provide the vast array of programming to our community. From the Meals Program, to our Family Youth and Childcare Center, to GLIDE Health Services, our program staff meet community need on a daily basis. But what about the other side to serving the community? GLIDE’s operations and administrative teams add to the depth of GLIDE’s services by ensuring that all systems function well. This month, we’ll get to know a few members of GLIDE’s operations and administrative teams, folks whose work is mainly behind the scenes, and marked with the passion and drive for which GLIDE staff is known!

When did you come to GLIDE?
I moved to The Bay in 2010 just after receiving my Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Montana. It was my first time moving to a big city and, feeling so overwhelmed, I would have been grateful for any opportunity to gain nonprofit experience. I saw the listing for my job, and even though I hadn’t heard of GLIDE, I applied because the position looked perfect for me. When I came for my interview I immediately fell in love with the organization, just entering the lobby I could feel the spirit of unconditional love and hope for the future. I knew I just had to have the job, and luckily it worked out!

What do you do at GLIDE and how does your work support our work in the community?
I work in the Strategy, Research and Evaluation Department. I help programs determine their intended impact on the community and what programming and resources are needed to make that impact a reality. I support GLIDE’s work by helping to assess the needs of the community and ensure that we are meeting those needs as effectively as possible.

What do you love most about your work?
I love that I get to be part of a larger group of people who have a nuanced understanding of poverty, an unending commitment to social justice and deep compassion, and are truly helping an entire community that is greatly in need. I get to help staff take their truly revolutionary ideas, organize them into effective program designs and then demonstrate how those programs are making a real difference, and that is really rewarding.

What Core Value resonates with you most?
Radical Inclusivity. It never ceases to amaze me that you really can come to GLIDE exactly as you are and be fully accepted. I see that in the people we serve and I feel it for myself. During my I have also learned to live this value and be radically inclusive of others. At times it can be exhausting, valuing everyone’s differences, but it has allowed me to connect with people on a more real and human level, and allowed me to be my true self.

What inspires you?
GLIDE’s commitment to serving and empowering the community. We are fighting an uphill battle against poverty and marginalization here at GLIDE, and it can be truly daunting because there’s no real known solution. Nevertheless, staff keeps coming here to make sure services are being delivered and clients keep coming here to get the support they need. Because we are patient and  so dedicated to supporting one another, we are able to see real transformation over time, and that inspires me to keep doing my best to support the GLIDE community.

Eleanor Godfrey (Right) with Family Youth and Childcare Center teaching staff

Eleanor Godfrey (Right) with Family Youth and Childcare Center teaching staff

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