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There is much disturbance in response to a video circulating depicting the SF police handling of Black man with a prosthetic leg. He was behaving in ways that caused potential threat to harming himself and others. To many, the video depicts careless and humiliating treatment of a disabled individual. The images of 14 or more police officers attending to the event fearful of a hostile crowd, brings up images from our country’s racialized history and current events. From the police perspective they followed legal and correct protocol, and while they may believe they acted with much restraint, WE CANNOT ACCEPT THIS APPROACH AS NORMAL POLICE BEHAVIOR as we go forward. We want more for our city.


They personally know many people in our neighborhood and have positive relationships with them. We have a very good history of working together with our TL Police to solve our issues of safety and public health. We want this partnership to continue to work together for our folks in need.

San Francisco, this city of Saint Francis, recognizes that IT IS CRITICAL TO WALK WITH THOSE WHO ARE LEAST RESPECTED and to always be concerned that they are seen in their full humanity. AT GLIDE WE STAND UP FOR LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE. We are here to ensure that the most vulnerable are engaged in the most human way possible. We know that our police and our people are capable of more humane behavior.

WE AT GLIDE, SPEAK OUT NOT TO VILIFY ANY PARTS OF OUR SOCIETY, but to make a clear statement of what we believe is the way forward for us all. If the police did show restraint, it is because people have made their voices heard for decades insisting on humane treatment for the poor, homeless, mentally ill, and marginalized. WE COMMEND THE COURAGE OF CHAEDRIA LaBOUVIER to speak up with such compassion, grace and clear articulation to authority when she perceived an injustice being done. It is because of voices like Chaedria’s that the police of San Francisco do show restraint, unlike police behavior in other parts of our country. When we do not speak up when we see inhumane treatment, our silence condones such behavior, accepts it as normal, and invites more and bigger mistreatment. WE MUST SEE ALL PARTS OF OUR SOCIETY AS HUMAN AND DESERVING OF RESPECT AND DIGNITY, including our police officers.

We all want change. We don’t always agree on what the change is. That is why we have to come together. The point is WE CAN COME TOGETHER. The way forward for us all is to recognize that we are all connected. WE ALL HAVE WORK TO DO IN ORDER TO CREATE A MORE HUMANE AND LOVING SOCIETY. We cannot just ask the police to change. Our police reflect us as a society. We all have the tendency to demonize the other. WE HAVE TO CHANGE OUR PERCEPTIONS FROM ‘US’


1. At Glide, we will always stand with the poor, homeless, and marginalized. STAND WITH US.

2. We work diligently to have Glide be a place where people can come to experience the humanity of everyone, without exception. COME JOIN US FOR THE EXPERIENCE.

3. We work diligently to have Glide be a place where discord and conflict can come together to be worked out. COME LEARN HOW TO HAVE CONFLICT WITHOUT HARMING EACH OTHER.

4. We believe we can have dialogue and conversation and take actions that can change the trajectory of history. JOIN THE GLIDE MOVEMENT FOR CARING AND SOCIAL JUSTICE.

Reverend Cecil Williams, Co-founder and Minister of Liberation
Janice Mirikitani, Co-founder and Founding President  
Rita Shimmin, Co-Executive Director 
Kristen Growney Yamamoto, Co-Executive Director
Karen Oliveto, Senior Pastor
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Joyce Hayes, celebrating life, love and GLIDE with @doricamino and @edenchanstreetscooper at the 2014 Holiday Jam. A retro photo of Joyce Hayes, a true GLIDE hero, who so strongly believed in supporting children and providing them with stability, education and #unconditionallove. GLIDE regrets to tell our community that Joyce Hayes, an icon in our history and childcare program, passed away on Tuesday, 5/23/2017. Her life, love and legacy will not be forgotten. 
Please take a moment to read this tribute to our beloved "Joy": glidesf.wordpress.com/2017/05/26/in-memory-of-joyce-hayes-the-heartbeat-of-glides-fycc/ Shout-out @blueshieldofca volunteers! Our Harm Reduction Team always needs people to help assemble safer injection kits. Distributing these kits to our community members who inject drugs greatly reduces the spread of Hep C and HIV. It's about #publichealth and recognizing the dignity and human rights of ALL people living in our city! #harmreduction #cleansharps

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