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Our methodology is radically simple: love, acceptance, and compassion, which we apply through programs in Wellness, Growth, Spirit, and Leadership.

Feed the Hungry

GLIDE’s Daily Free Meals Program is the only program in San Francisco that serves three nutritious meals per day, 364 days a year to the City’s poor, homeless and hungry in an atmosphere of respect, acceptance and love. GLIDE served 855,777 meals in 2013, averaging nearly 2,400 meals a day.

Move Beyond Crisis

The GLIDE Walk-In Center (WIC) provides immediate crisis intervention to individuals living on the streets, in shelters or unstable housing. WIC provides referrals, fills basic needs (including hygiene supplies, clothing and food box vouchers) and facilitates identification document replacements. It is also the only site in the Tenderloin to offer shelter bed reservations in the City’s shelter system. In 2013, the WIC served 2,386 unduplicated clients and provided 4,856 individuals with basic emergency services. The WIC also helped 159 individuals and families receive $191,430 in rental assistance.

Women Overcoming Violence

Helping women on their road to recovery from domestic violence, oppression and isolation, the GLIDE Women’s Center creates an atmosphere of safety and community for women who face homelessness, substance abuse, mental health issues and other challenges. The Women’s Center empowers women to transform their lives, providing weekly drop-in support groups and activities, and monthly field trips or community events. The Women’s Center served 376 women in 2013. 4% of the clients served by the Women’s Center identify as transgender.

Compassionate Healthcare

In partnership with Dignity Health, Saint Francis Memorial Hospital and UCSF School of Nursing, GLIDE Health Services (GHS) uses state-of-the-art electronic health records and serves nearly 3,000 unduplicated clients annually. GHS offers a full range of traditional healthcare services, as well as mental health, recovery, substance abuse, non-Western medicine, HIV testing and counseling, and diabetes treatment.

Advance Families and Inspire Children

The Janice Mirikitani Family, Youth, and Childcare Center (FYCC) offers a holistic set of resources to help families realize their potential at home, in school, and as leaders of the community, in a safe and welcoming environment. FYCC serves children ages of 2–12 with a continuum of licensed childcare and afterschool and summer programs including tutoring, literacy enhancement, computer instruction, creative arts, counseling, advocacy, case management, and nutrition education. FYCC also works closely with families to provide parenting and leadership skills, case management, and wellness and peer support groups. The Family Resource Center served 452 participants across 144 families in 2013.

House the Community

Through a vision of sustainable, affordable and compassionate living for the poor and the homeless, Housing Support Services offer a legitimate road out of poverty for those who have grown accustomed to life on the margins. We have three housing developments in the San Francisco Tenderloin neighborhood that house 189 households including the Cecil Williams GLIDE Community House, a low-income family apartment building with 81 units, and a building for highly-supportive housing with 52 units for the chronically homeless with multiple diagnoses.

Men Unlearning Violence

Men In Progress is a violence intervention program run by men and designed for all men who are dedicated to acknowledging their own violence and helping each other gain understanding and strength in their relationships with themselves, partners, family, friends and community. Weekly drop-in groups work with men in straightforward and practical ways on issues that affect their lives. Men in Progress Facilitators go through 208 hours of training. Men in Progress served 133 men in 2013.

Green the Tenderloin

GLIDE’s rooftop gardens teach the community the full circle of urban farming from planting seeds to harvesting produce and cooking healthy meals, composting, and honey extraction from our beehives. Graze the Roof, which has been harvesting 8-15 lbs. of produce each week for the meals program, is located on top of 330 Ellis Street and is integrated into the FYCC afterschool curriculum. The resident-run Cecil Williams House Community Garden at 333 Taylor Street provides a space for the community to meet and share, while promoting healthy lifestyles and helping the environment.

Volunteer Resource Program

GLIDE’s Volunteer Resource Program recruits and places over 10,000 volunteers who collectively perform over 91,000 hours of service annually. The program also receives and coordinates in-kind donations to enhance services and extend GLIDE’s capacity. There are many opportunities to help, but the greatest need is for the GLIDE Free Meals Program, which requires 60 volunteers a day, 364 days a year for over 1,000 meals shifts.

Sunday Celebration and the GLIDE Ensemble

The internationally renowned Sunday Celebrations at GLIDE Memorial Church, created by Reverend Cecil Williams in 1963, offer a joyous experience of community, music and spirituality. Filled to the rafters with Bay Area residents and visitors from around the globe, GLIDE Sunday Celebrations are reflective of the richly diverse world in which we live. The jubilant sounds of transformation from the 100-voice GLIDE Ensemble and the Change Band resonate every Sunday at 9am and 11am.

GLIDE Instagram
The GLIDE family remembers #NelsonMandela, who would have been 100 years old today. Our Co-Founder Rev. Cecil Williams greeted South Africa’s beloved Madiba in Oakland in June of 1990, just five months after his release from prison. . “Our human compassion binds us the one to the other - not in pity or patronizingly, but as human beings who have learnt how to turn our common suffering into hope for the future.” - Nelson Mandela . #nelsonmandela100 #madiba #nelsonmandeladay #fromthearchives #cecilwilliams @nelsonmandelafoundationsa @mchammer @goapele @fantasticnegrito @shakasenghor @feliciahorowitz @mglide
Exactly one week ago, a group of GLIDE seniors completed a six-week Healthy Living workshop with our own Ms. Tina Huang. Here is what Tina had to say about the experience: . "I am so happy that we're celebrating with this gratitude ceremony. Congratulation to the seniors who have completed their healthier living workshop. Within six weeks, our seniors learned how to live healthier by coping with their stress and creating positive changes for their lifestyle. I am very proud of them as they showed an interest in learning and dedication throughout the workshop. I hope they can bring this knowledge and apply it in their every-day lifestyle, as well as share it with those who may benefit from this information." . Congratulations, #GLIDEseniors! #healthyliving #wednesdaywisdom
Thanks to this group of #volunteers from @salesforce for stepping up to the plate and braving the onions yesterday! They prepared lunch for hundreds of diners from the community! . "I think it's a really smart thing for Salesforce to do. Not just talk about it – of course everybody wants to be a part of their community, of course everybody wants to volunteer and support causes, but to actually insist on people coming down here on their first day of training – hey, that's putting your money where your mouth is." - Shan Nichols, Systems Engineering Director (not pictured) . GLIDE relies on 75-85 volunteers EVERY DAY to serve three meals to everyone who walks through our doors. #startyourdaywithservice #volunteersf #foodjustice #givingback #stepuptotheplate @benioff @salesforcejobs @salesforceorg @ggundry @joselynmarie1
Yesterday we were pleased to welcome the #SaferInside Planning Committee to Celebration and a press conference with Mayor @londonbreed! Thanks for all of your hard work & commitment to helping people understand the importance of bringing #safeinjectionsites to San Francisco.

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