GLIDE and Christmas Miracles

Rev. Dr. Karen Oliveto, Senior Pastor, GLIDE

Last week, as political pundits continued to fan the flames of fear and intolerance, a call went out to religious leaders and others to stand in solidarity with Muslims, who are encountering increased instances of bigotry in the United States. Committed to a world of diversity, religious tolerance, and generous hospitality to strangers, I posted a picture of myself on Twitter, with these words: As a Christian pastor, I stand with my Muslim brothers & sisters and against #Islamophobia #WeAreAllMuslim


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Toy Giveaway 2015

by Nicole C. Brown, GLIDE’s Director of Institutional Giving

Tomorrow is my favorite day of the year at GLIDE. After several weeks in which thousands of toys have been collected, tomorrow dozens of volunteers—led by one amazing TOY LADY, longtime GLIDE church member Laurie Ferreira—will pass out nearly 2,000 bags of toys to children in need during GLIDE’s extraordinary annual Toy Giveaway. Kids and their parents start lining up in the wee hours of the morning in anticipation of entering a super-sized Santa’s workshop in GLIDE’s Freedom Hall, filled with a veritable mountain of bright holiday bags containing a range of carefully sorted age-appropriate gifts for everyone from toddlers to teens.

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How I Found My Path

20151123 Gus Luong #3
Gus Luong, aka Vegan Ultrarunner Gus
Gus has raised thousands of dollars to benefit GLIDE programs by collecting donations from friends and supporters as he heroically prepares for and completes epic-length runs.

It’s interesting how following a path can lead you to many opportunities and experiences both good and bad.

For me, it all started with wanting to get healthier. I wasn’t satisfied with myself or my lack of energy, and I was generally feeling depressed and anxious on a daily basis. Knowing that eating right and exercising were the only ways to really turn my life around, I decided to challenge myself to change for the better. Read more ›

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Grocery Bag Giveaway Days

By: James Lin, GLIDE's Co-Director of Human Resources and Organizational Integration and GLIDE team member since 2004.

If you’re a long-time friend of GLIDE, you know that we pack our holiday calendar with celebrations across the many communities we touch. Last week was our Senior Holiday Luncheon, the holiday gathering of GLIDE’s Women’s Center, the Old Navy Shopping Spree for children, and our Adopt-A-Family event, where the families in our supportive housing and our family programs can make special holiday gift requests.

This week kicks off with GLIDE’s Grocery Bag Giveaway Days, perhaps our largest and most logistically complex event of the year. On Wednesday, several thousand people start lining up as early as 3 am to get a complete holiday meal-in-a-bag (hey Blue Apron, don’t be jealous, come join us!). We actually have to close the whole block of Ellis to car traffic in order to make space for everyone, and at the end of the day, we will have given out over 4000 bags.

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Light A Candle With Glide For A Brighter World This Holiday Season


Powered by unconditional love and acceptance, we celebrate our shared humanity at GLIDE. Together, we cast light upon the difficult and shadowed road to justice and inspire one another to renewed hope on this continuing journey. Through connecting communities and bridging differences, we enable San Francisco’s most vulnerable to make meaningful changes in their lives as they struggle to break cycles of poverty, hunger, violence and addiction.”

                                                                        Janice Mirikitani, Co-Founder and Founding President

No one is alone here at GLIDE. Because of our community, our donors, our partners who ignite the light of HOPE, we can walk together to heal a world with justice and unconditional love.”

                                                            Rev. Cecil Williams, Co-Founder and Minister of Liberation

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Old Navy Shopping Spree

G ONSpree14-050
By Ben Lintschinger, Program Manager, GLIDE V.R.P. Engagement, Education and Advocacy

The financial challenge faced by working families in the City is greater than ever before and the holidays are never an exception. In fact, meeting their children’s needs and wishes during this season can present parents with tough choices: doting or self-discipline, saving or celebrating. It’s hard for parents to have to choose and it’s hard for children to understand because while they may be rich in love, kids see their peers and others around them receiving the shiny, new and indeed wonderful gifts we’ve come to expect. It can be a heart-ache for a family in need.
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A Balm in Gilead: GLIDE World AIDS Day Celebration 2015


World-AIDS-DayMarvin K. White’s “A Balm in Gilead: A Prayer, Poem and Sermon”

for Glide’s World AIDS Day Celebration 2015



The God of the FDA and of my Combination Drugs.

The One True Atripla and Combivir God.

The Epzicom of Prayers.

The First Trizivir and The Last Truvada.

The Great Fuzeon Lord of the Entry and Fusion Inhibitors.

Mother and Father Nucleoside and Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors.

My Rescriptor, my Sustiva God, and my Viramune God.

The one they call Ziagen and the Trizivir of Peace.

The Epzicom sample and The Videx Hope.

My Emtriva waking and my Epivir sleeping God.

The Bottle Twister of my Zerit and The Sweet Coating of my Viread.

The Deliverer of my Retrovir.

The God of Opportunity in Opportunistic Infection.

God of the Living Rifadin.

The True Ambisome Shining.

The Zitthromax Light.

The Pill Giver.

The Most-High Radiess.

My Biaxin Keeper and The One Whose Date Does Not Expire.

My Liposomal God.

The Mysterious Dissolving One.

The one they call Marinol of Oakland, Baraclude of Atlanta,

Procrit of New York, Etopophos of Jackson, Toposar of Chicago and Diflucan of DC. Read more ›

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GLIDE Instagram
Heart-filled congratulations to Irene McPherson, the 5 Keys Student of the Month for April! So happy for you and inspired by the tremendous effort you have been putting into your studies! Lauren, our Volunteer Program Coordinator, and Hilary, Development Associate, are on the way to @drafthousesf to see Under the Gun at #SFIFF! @sf_filmsociety Thank you @zendesk for all your great volunteer work with the GLIDE Harm Reduction Team! D'wayne Wiggins of @tonytonitoneofficial and Betty Cantor-Jackson of Grateful Dead fame! So blessed to have them with us! #glidetalk #icons

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