Why I Am Voting YES on PROP 64


Prop 64 is a significant step toward ending the second-class citizenry created by our draconian drug laws.

I am a former drug-war prisoner who became politicized after experiencing the corruption, abuse of power and oppression that is systemic in the criminal “justice” system. I am tired of settling for crumbs disguised as “compromise” when it comes to any issue that is fundamentally about justice, especially when it relates to mass incarceration and our failed war on drugs. Yet, at the end of the day, I must embrace any step that takes us closer to a drug policy that embodies compassion, justice and commonsense. That’s why I support Proposition 64, also known as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), and so should all people voting in California.

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Why I Am Voting YES on PROP N


Editorial note: With the following post by GLIDE’s Theresa Calderon we continue a weekly series of opinion pieces in the run-up to Election Day November 8, discussing propositions on the ballot of particular importance to our communities. Proposition N, or the Immigrant Parent Right to Vote measure, allows San Francisco residents who are the parents, legal guardians or caregivers for children in the San Francisco Unified School District to vote in elections for the Board of Education without regard to their citizenship status.

Immigration is an important part of US history, and the waves of immigrants that have come over hundreds of years have all helped build this country. Yet, right now, non-citizen parents are shut out of basic decision-making about their children’s futures.

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Why I Am Voting YES on PROP 57


Editorial Note: As Election Day 2016 nears, we kick off a weekly series of opinion pieces on ballot propositions of particular concern to our communities. #PropDropFriday will bring you a total of eight posts in all, leading up to Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 8. The series is designed to help you, the voter, make sense of some critical choices among an unusually large set of propositions on this year’s ballot. We are thrilled to begin this series with the following contribution from Bay Area writer and GLIDE community member LeRon L. Barton. We welcome your feedback and hope you’ll share this and following posts with friends and family as part of an active, engaged and committed conversation about the future of our city, state and country.

When I learned that the California Parole for Non-Violent Criminals and Juvenile Court Trial Requirements Initiative, otherwise known as Prop 57, would be on the ballot this November, my curiosity was immediately piqued. I am a writer who has published essays on the destruction of mass incarceration. I am a co-chair of the GLIDE Memorial Church Racial Justice Group, a team devoted to fighting racism/white supremacy. Most importantly, I am a Black man in America. I see the importance of Prop 57.

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Designing Outside Your Comfort Zone



GLIDE Goods open for business in Freedom Hall at 330 Ellis St.

Editor’s note: These thoughtful reflections from Nick Crampton of the wonderful Adaptive Path team come as we’re in the midst of a re-stocking campaign for GLIDE Goods, the free store GLIDE has recently piloted with the help from the design crew referenced below. If you find yourself moved to learn more and to help the cause, please visit this page—and thank you!  

As a relative newcomer to San Francisco and the Bay Area, my first exposure to GLIDE came fairly recently, during a day of volunteering with GLIDE’s HIV/Hep C Prevention and Harm Reduction team and, subsequently, in a collaboration between my company, adaptivepath.org, and GLIDE that led to the piloting of the GLIDE Goods program.

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xo, EO

EO stands for Extra Ordinary in partnership with GLIDE Community Housing


On a Wednesday in June, residents of GLIDE Community Housing (GCH) received a special delivery in the form of a blue 15-gallon plastic drum with a tall spigot on top. Accompanying the drum was a smiling Meredith Soden from EO®, the Marin-based company offering a range of popular personal care products as well as a passionate commitment to natural materials, ethical business practices, sustainable manufacturing—and spreading the love to its neighbors around the Bay.

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Let Your Light Shine: transcript of Bishop Karen Oliveto’s final sermon as GLIDE’s Senior Pastor

From Rita Shimmin, GLIDE Executive Director: On August 14, 2016, newly elected Bishop Karen Oliveto gave her farewell sermon at GLIDE (see below). After the Sunday Celebration, we gathered to give the new Bishop a farewell party. Both her sermon and the party were filled with much joy and inspiration but also an underlying grieving as we lose our beloved Karen to a calling to serve in a new place. We are grateful for the joy and love she leaves in our hearts and celebrate her as she lets her light shine within a new community.


Left to right: GLIDE Coordinator of Congregational Engagement Carson Perez, GLIDE Ensemble member Michelle Arce, Bishop Karen Oliveto and GLIDE congregants Howard Sanders Jr. and LeRon Barton.

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Women in Leadership: An open note to young women


Neha Jain, far right, with GLIDE Emerging Leaders interns volunteering at our Legacy Gala on 8/13.

Anger. Fear. Disbelief. Those are emotions I feel while gauging the current political climate. We live in a world where Hillary Clinton, a woman who has made mistakes and flip-flopped on critical social issues, may lose to a man who horrendously disrespects women, people of color, Muslims and the LGBTQ community. While I agree that both candidates are not our ideal presidential choices, is it really that hard to see which option is better? But regardless of your political leanings, it’s pretty obvious that if Clinton were a man, her path to the White House would be exponentially easier. I’m tired of hearing her being critiqued on her appearance, tone of voice and hairstyle because the main message it gives young women like myself is that if we want to be powerful one day, we must be perfect.

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