Standing Rock Sioux to attend GLIDE Celebration, 10/30


Since April of this year there has been a protest against the $3.8 Billion Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL, a company based in Texas), a major construction project near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. The project is a 1,168-mile-long crude-oil pipeline that will transport 570,000 barrels of oil each day from North Dakota to Illinois, along a route just half a mile from the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

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Vote NO on Props P and U: Housing Is a Human Right


Editors’ note: P and U are two of the more potentially misleading propositions that San Francisco residents will find on the November ballot. And P & U concern one of the most important issues facing residents of this city: affordable housing. P & U have been put forward by the Realtors Association with a promise of “more housing for more people,” but in fact neither proposition will create any new housing at all. Instead, Prop U increases the number of middle-income earners (up to 110% of the area’s median income) who can apply for inclusionary rental units (that is, housing units required by law to be offered at below the market rate). This would do away with the 12% of new housing that is currently set aside for people earning $39,000 a year or less, leaving them with nowhere to live. Prop P, meanwhile, opens up the bidding process on affordable housing projects to potentially substandard developers interested in taking advantage of the rental increases allowed by Prop U, and arguably would result in many affordable housing projects not going forward. Access to housing is a social justice issue. Anyone interested in securing affordable housing for all San Franciscans, and in seeing San Francisco grow as a diverse and inclusive city, should pay close attention to the details of P & U.

On October 5, a coalition of local faith leaders, nonprofits and residents held a rally outside the offices of the San Francisco Realtors Association, not far from City Hall. Below, we print a letter written by these faith leaders that was recently submitted to the San Francisco Chronicle.  

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Why I Am Voting NO on PROP Q


San Francisco’s Proposition Q would ban tents on the city’s sidewalks. Police and city workers would ticket tents and impound them along with all of their occupants’ possessions the next day.

Right now, there’s a sense of urgency regarding homelessness, with many housed residents feeling like something needs to change. That sense of urgency may come from empathy, fear, frustration—all sorts of experiences.

Prop Q plays to this urgency, but on a false premise. You’ll probably see their slogan, “Housing not Tents,” in their massive media campaign. But the first half – the housing – is completely missing from their equation.

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Target Aims for Community Wellness


This past July, GLIDE’s Family, Youth + Childcare Center was honored to receive a Target Youth Wellness Grant, one of many such grants given nationwide, as Target aims to promote and inspire access to healthy eating and active living. For the kids in GLIDE’s afterschool and summer program, the grant is bringing new opportunities for P.E., outdoor play, active field trips and enrichment activities right here in the Tenderloin.

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Greetings from Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota

photo by Kim Bender

In the spirit of Indigenous Peoples’ Day (October 10), we offer the following firsthand impressions of the current struggle in North Dakota over the ongoing construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The pipeline is on a path to carry 450,000 barrels of crude oil per day from North Dakota’s Bakken oilfield to Illinois, traveling through sovereign tribal lands as well as sensitive wildlife habitats and under the Missouri River, which supplies drinking water to millions of people. The dispatch below (excerpts from a cell-phone-dictated email transcription sent on October 4) comes from GLIDE’s own Kim Bender, who traveled to North Dakota two weeks ago to bear witness and stand in solidarity with members of the Standing Rock Sioux and other indigenous and grassroots activists from all over the U.S. and Canada. Kim sent word from North Dakota to her Glide community back home because, as she says, “it feels really important and something that everyone should be aware of.”

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Why I Am Voting YES on PROP 63


Prop 63 closes nonsensical loopholes in California’s otherwise sensible gun laws, making us all safer and assuring California continues to lead the country in gun safety.

We can be proud of the fact that California leads the nation in gun safety laws. But even so, there are numerous loopholes that leave all of us far too vulnerable to gun violence. Proposition 63, also known as the Safety for All Act, would close the following loopholes while safeguarding the ability of law-abiding, responsible Californians to own guns for self-defense, hunting and recreation.

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Meet GLIDE’s Interim Senior Pastor, Bishop Warner H. Brown, Jr.



Three Questions for Bishop Warner H. Brown, Jr., GLIDE’s Interim Senior Pastor

With the recent departure of GLIDE’s Senior-Pastor–turned-Bishop, Karen Oliveto, GLIDE has been deeply fortunate to welcome back to its congregational leadership, on an interim basis, Bishop Warner H. Brown, Jr.—although as the Bishop makes clear below, his many roles in and around GLIDE over the last nearly 40 years make it seem as if he were never really gone. Bishop Brown will be in place as GLIDE’s Interim Senior Pastor until the United Methodist Church concludes its search for Bishop Oliveto’s replacement, which will happen probably sometime before and no later than July 1, 2017.

We recently sat down for a chat with Bishop Brown in his second-floor office here at GLIDE, on the occasion of his return and in hopes of (re)introducing him to the larger GLIDE community.  Read more ›

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Our GLIDE crew showing up for the #SFwomensmarch! @womensmarchbayarea From GLIDE's participation in the SF Women's March! @womensmarchbayarea Tens of thousands assembling now at Civic Center preparing to march in solidarity for justice and equality #womensmarchsf #radicalinclusion #unconditionallove GLIDE remains proud of its more than 50-year history of activism in the name of radical inclusion, acceptance and #unconditionallove. Advocacy for the underserved, marginalized & persecuted remains core to our work and the values that guide us. This is why we march. Read our recent blog from #Eyeontheball to learn more about this weekend's events.

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