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Serve a Meal!

The Volunteer Resource Program places about 10,000 volunteers each year, totaling 65,000 hours of service.

Serving a meal in the Daily Free Meals program is a transformative experience. The program requires 85 volunteers each day in order to fill the breakfast, lunch and dinner shifts, 364 days a year.With your help we can serve up to 2,400 meals per day to our community. Volunteers assist with everything from serving food, to bussing tables, to handing out silverware and condiments. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves, and make some beautiful human connections!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the volunteer team at volteam@glide.org or 415.674.6081

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Volunteer with other GLIDE programs!

Not interested in serving a meal? Become a volunteer in one of GLIDE’s many programs! Work with children, get involved in the health center, connect with our women’s group, help the fundraising office, exercise your green thumb in our rooftop garden and more. For more information click here.